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What is Colorado GEAR UP?

We're ending remediation for our students.

The students we serve - minority, low-income and the first in their families to go to college - are the most likely to end up in remedial classes in college. A report from the Colorado Community College System found less than 5 percent of students who start in remedial classes will ever complete a college degree.

The Early Remediation Project

In fall 2011, we launched the Early Remediation Project in two middle schools near Denver. In 2013-14, up to 1,300 students in grades 8, 9 and 10 will enroll in classes mirroring the remedial math and English sequences taught on Colorado campuses.

Benefits for our students:

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FAQ about Colorado GEAR UP

  1. How does a student get into GEAR UP?
  2. Are there special criteria to get in?
  3. How long does the program last?
  4. What if a GEAR UP student changes schools?
  5. What do parents have to do as part of GEAR UP?
  6. Do students have to pay any money to stay in GEAR UP?
  7. What if a student's grades aren't so great in GEAR UP?
  8. What if a GEAR UP student decides not to go to college?
  9. Will GEAR UP be adding schools?


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