Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado GEAR UP

  1. How does a student get into GEAR UP?
  2. GEAR UP advisors recruit students at participating schools, usually in the spring. For example, in spring 2013, GEAR UP advisors recruited seventh-graders to join GEAR UP the following fall, as eighth-graders. Typically, GEAR UP has about 100 seats per grade level per school.

  3. Are there special criteria to get into GEAR UP?
  4. No. In some smaller schools, entire grade levels may participate in GEAR UP. In larger schools, GEAR UP advisors recruit students and enroll them on a first-come, first-served basis.

  5. How long does the program last?
  6. In our current grant cycle, GEAR UP starts with students in the eighth grade and supports them through high school into college. GEAR UP is currently seeking additional funding to expand services at the college level.

  7. What if a GEAR UP student changes schools?
  8. GEAR UP students who switch schools are not likely to receive the same level of services if their new schools are not participating GEAR UP schools. But they will still be eligible for GEAR UP scholarships for college.

  9. What do parents have to do as part of GEAR UP?
  10. Parent participation is welcomed but not required as part of a student's enrollment in the GEAR UP program.

  11. Do students have to pay any money to stay in GEAR UP?
  12. No, there are no fees or costs associated with participating in the GEAR UP program.

  13. What if a student's grades aren't so great in GEAR UP?
  14. GEAR UP advisors monitor student academic progress on a weekly basis and will seek out students who are struggling. We attempt to find solutions such as providing tutoring, talking with teachers and working with students to overcome academic obstacles. Students will be encouraged to do better and provided additional support but there is no minimum grade point average for participation in GEAR UP.

  15. What if a GEAR UP student decides not to go to college?
  16. GEAR UP advisors work with students on career interest inventories and planning for the future. If a student decides not to go to college, our advisors can assist with other post-secondary plans, such as technical school or other programs. GEAR UP scholarships may be used for postsecondary programs other than college.

  17. Will GEAR UP be adding schools?
  18. It is possible that GEAR UP will expand to additional schools in future years. Click here to see participating GEAR UP schools and contact us if you believe your school or district would be a good fit for GEAR UP.