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GEAR UP stands for Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. Colorado is among the states awarded the competitive federal grants aimed at increasing the number of low-income students prepared to succeed in college. In fact, Colorado is in the middle of its third six-year grant.

Colorado GEAR UP shines among state programs.

Colorado GEAR UP's innovative use of strategies such as early remediation, dual enrollment and CLEP testing has made our program a national leader among precollegiate efforts. Our data-driven approach has led to partnerships with colleges including Harvard, Stanford, Vanderbilt and the universities of Colorado, Michigan, Northern Colorado and Southern California.

Our strategies - and results - are replicable.

To be competitive globally, the U.S. must focus on the lagging college enrollment and persistence rates among the students who will soon make up a majority of our nation's high school graduates. Colorado GEAR UP, which predominantly serves low-income and Hispanic students who are the first in their families to go to college, is closing those gaps for our students. Learn more about our strategies.



FAQs about Colorado GEAR UP

  1. How does a student get into GEAR UP?
  2. Are there special criteria to get in?
  3. How long does the program last?
  4. What if a GEAR UP student changes schools?
  5. What do parents have to do as part of GEAR UP?
  6. Do students have to pay any money to stay in GEAR UP?
  7. What if a student's grades aren't so great in GEAR UP?
  8. What if a GEAR UP student decides not to go to college?
  9. Will GEAR UP be adding schools?


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